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Water Drops Lantern

Water Drops Lantern – Texture Mat and Sunshine Window Color
Designed by Kathleen Hauck


1823105 Plastic Spatulas, 17 – 19 cm
1803103 Universal Scissors, 16 cm

9381501 Painting Acetate, 200 x 300 mm
9500513 Drops Texture Mat, 90 x 90 mm
9380014 Sunshine Window Color, 50 ml, orange
9380026 Sunshine Window Color, 50 ml, fire red
2609213 Lantern Glass, 12.5 x 10 x 10 cm
3509002 Candle, ø 60 x H 85 mm

In addition: Paper Towel

1. Place the texture mat on the painting acetate. Cover the texture mat with some red Sunshine window colour, spreading it out with the spatula. Make sure that the recesses of the pattern are completely filled with the window colour. Pick up any excess colour with the spatula, wiping it off on a kitchen towel. Leave to dry.

Tip: Move the spatula back and forth to remove any air pockets. Also jiggling and tapping the painting acetate under the texture mat can help make the air bubbles rise.

2. Apply a second thick layer of orange Sunshine window colour directly from the bottle over the entire design. If necessary, smooth the surface with the spatula, again, tapping the painting acetate so that any trapped air can rise. Leave to dry.

NB: Because this second layer is slightly thicker, the drying process can take up to 2 days. If you try to remove the motif from the texture mat too soon the layers may separate, leaving the relief in the mat.

3. Carefully remove the motif from the texture mat. The best way to do this is to carefully remove the dried paint from the edges first, working your way in to the centre. Cut the drops out with scissors and position them on the lantern glass. Then place the candle in the vase.

You’ll find the lantern glass in Section 10 Decoration on page 403; Sunshine Window Colours in Section 16 Paints on page 627 and Texture Mats in Section 1 Crafting-Basics on pages 96-101.

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