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Turtle Bookmark

It’s amazing what you can create with simple shaped punches!

The turtle on this bookmark is from Christine Urmann’s “Mini Figures for Punches” book and is created using different sized circle punches.

Turtle Bookmark
designed by Kathleen Neumann

1802523 Comfortline Scalpel
1802730 Aluminium Ruler
1802830 Cutting Mat DIN A4
1802532 Comfortline Hobby Scissors
1793114 Circle Punch L 2.8 cm
1791010 Circle Punch M 2.5 cm
1793009 Circle Punches L 10, 12, 14 mm
1790011 Circle Punches S 3, 10 mm
1792019 Rounded Corner Punch M,
1789899 Circle Punch 6mm

1549970 My Color Cardstock Pine Forest, Dark Green
1549967 My Color Cardstock Desert Cactus, Lime Green
1549963 My Color Cardstock Limelight, Light Green
1549901 My Color Cardstock Snowbound, White
1549989 My Color Cardstock Black Magic, Black
1906010 Acryl opak Marker Thin Point, White
4511281 Clear Drops Stamp
4510903 Acrylic Block with Recessed Grip
4510999 Stamp Mat, Black
4511947 Versacolor Pigment Ink Pad, Light Blue
4520063 Woodies Exlibris 2
4511965 Versacolor Pigment Ink Pad, Green
4511400 Stamp Cleaner
9362009 Double-sided Deko-Tape
9586505 White Craft Glue
2002265 Waxed Cotton Cord, 1 mm, Green

In addition: Kitchen Paper, Pencil

1. Cut a 7 x 14 cm rectangle from the dark green card and a 6 x 13 cm rectangle from the white card. Round the corners of both rectangles with the rounded corner punch.

Position the large Clear Drops stamp on the acrylic block and ink it up with the light blue ink pad. Stamp it onto the smooth backside of the white rectangle. Repeat with the small Clear Drops stamp. Stamp the Woodies Exlibris stamp with green ink in the open middle area of the large Clear Drops stamp. Leave to dry.

Stick the white rectangle to the dark green rectangle with double-sided tape.

Punch a 6mm circle at the top end of the bookmark. Cut four 20 cm lengths of cotton cord and thread them through the hole. Tie all cords together in a knot and, if necessary, cut the ends to the same length with scissors.

2. Create the turtle using punches according to the instructions in the “Mini Figures with Punches” book. Stick it together using the white craft glue and then stick it to the bookmark with double-sided tape.


You will find all the punches and Christine Urmann’s “Mini Figures with Punches” book (which is available in English, German, French and Italian) in the Everything For Paper Catalogue.

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