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Dreaming of a Wight Christmas…

Efco have a range of festive Christmas themed Pappart available for decoration. It can be decorated in various ways with assorted paints and mediums. Here’s one idea for this cute Christmas Wight…

He’s been painted with acrylics using a dry brushing technique…

It’s a very simple but effective method to colour Pappart!

To see Efco’s full range of Pappart check out the Pappart/Wood Catalogue.
You’ll also find more in the Autumn/Winter Trends Catalogue.



Holiday Memento Frame

If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer you could try your hand at this Memento Frame (designed by Kathleen Hauck) which is created using one of Efco’s Pappart frames.


1880420 Flat Synthetic Paintbrush, Gr. 20 / 19 mm
9311433 Mixing palette, 24 x 19 cm
1879900 Plastic Paintbrush Washing Container, 16 x 16 x H 8.5 cm
1804102 Hot Glue Gun, 55 W for ø 11.2 mm
1805005 Hot Glue Sticks

2630692 Rectangle Frame, 21 x 30 x 8 cm
6000901 FolkArt Acrylic Paint, 59 ml, Wicker White
6000412 FolkArt Acrylic Paint, 59 ml, Magenta
2486101 Plastic Letter Beads, ø 6 mm, 200 Pieces, Multicolour
2486001 Plastic Number and Sign Beads, ø 6 mm, 30 g ~ 180 Pieces, Multicolour
2002702 Waxed Cotton Cord, ø 2 mm / 6 m, Cream
2604002 Medium Mixed Shells in a Basket, ø 19 cm
1402402 Wooden Clothes Pegs, 45 mm, 24 Pieces, Untreated

In addition: Holiday photos or postcards (here: 1532162/63/64/65 Punched Design Paper, Romantic Summer, A4, je 1 Sheet 170g/m²)

1. Prime the frame with white acrylic paint and leave to dry. Then paint everything except the inner frame with magenta. Leave to dry.

2. Select the letters etc from the letter and number beads you need to spell “HOLIDAY # SUMMER ♥︎ 2017”. Thread the cube beads onto the cotton cord in order and glue the beginning of the cord to the back of the frame. Wrap the cord around the top half of the frame making sure it’s not too loose. Position the cubes where you want. Always fix the cord on the back with a spot of glue to keep the tension and hold the cord in position, preventing it from getting damaged later.

Tip: Instead of “HOLIDAY # SUMMER ♥︎ 2017” you could also add the holiday destination e.g. “HAMBURG”. In addition, this framework allows for the possibility of recording various events e.g. a wedding anniversary, a special birthday, the last family celebration or birth – there’s no limit to the imagination.

3. Stick some shells to the bottom of the frame. Then use wooden pegs to attach holiday photos or postcards to the cotton cords.

You can see a variety of Pappart Frames in the new Autumn/Winter 2017 Trends Catalogue.


Efco have added some new shapes to their range of Pappart Frames…

They can be decorated using acrylic paints and a host of other craft materials and be used as unique picture frames or ornaments for memorabilia.

The frames can be used in a variety of ways all year round but look especially stunning at Christmas when combined with Starshine foil…

Here’s a simple but very effective festive project inspired by ancient Chinese shadow box art and the art of German paper cutting.

Winter Wonderland
designed by Kathleen Neumann

2629797 House Frame, 17 x 19 x 5 cm
6832082 MS Multi-Surface Acrylic Satin, Beetle Black
1795082 Pointed Fir Tree Punch 3XL, 67 x 63 mm
1794082 Pointed Fir Tree Punch XL, 45 x 43 mm
1794260 Reindeer Punch XL, 46 x 37 mm
1549989 My Colors Cardstock, 12 x 12 Inch, Black Magic
1000402 Starshine Effect Film, 50 x 35 cm / 0.30 mm
1260189 Wool Cord, 5 mm, Black
1802532 Comfortline Hobby Scissors
1880420 Flat Paint Brush Synthetic Hair Gr. 20
9311433 Mixing Palette 24 x 19 cm
1802523 Comfortline Scalpel
1802830 Cutting Mat DIN A4
1802730 Aluminium Ruler
9362009 Double-sided Deko-tape, 9 mm x 10 m, transparent
2689910 Warm White Lights, Battery Operated, 70 cm, 10 LEDs
1879900 Paint Brush Washing Container, Plastic, 16 x 16 x H 8.5 cm
1804003 Hot Glue Gun
1805001 Hot Glue Sticks
Pencil, Batteries





Paint the house frame with black acrylic and leave to dry.





Place the house frame on the Starshine foil and trace the outline with a pencil. Cut the shape out using the scalpel, ruler and cutting mat. Use double-sided tape on the front edge of the house frame to stick the Starshine foil in position.



Punch different sized fir trees and reindeer from the sheet of black card. Stick these to the Starshine foil with more double-sided tape. Trim any parts of the shapes that protrude beyond the edge of the house frame.





Glue the string of lights to the back of the frame using the hot glue gun. Glue the wool cord around the front edge with the hot glue gun to conceal the double-sided tape which may show through the Starshine foil.



To view the range of new Pappart frames please see the new Autumn/Winter 2017 Trends Catalogue and for Efco’s entire Pappart range go to their Pappart and Wood Catalogue. Starshine foil may also be found in the current Trends Catalogue on Page N.56.


What a corker!

House Clock

2629799 – House Frame
3370400 – Pressed Cork
1549901 – My Colours Cardstock, Snowbound
6832076 – Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic, Wedding Cake (White)
6832040 – Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic, Pink Dahlia (Pink)
9320781 – Numbers Stencil
9320300 – Stencil-Fix
1520606 – Special Tacky Double-sided Tape
1855315 – Quartz Clockworks

Trace around the outside of the house frame onto some white card and around the inside of the frame onto a sheet of pressed cork and cut them both out. Glue the cork house in the centre of the card house. Punch a hole in the centre, making sure that the clock hands can rotate freely without touching the sides of the house frame. Install the quartz movement and hands according to the package instructions.

Paint the house frame with white acrylic. Leave to dry. Apply a thin coat of Stencil-Fix to the back of the stencils and leave to dry. Position the stencil (adhesive side down) on the outside of the house frame and sponge pink acrylic over the top. Repeat the process until the outside of the house has been entirely decorated. Leave to dry.

Apply double-sided tape around the back edge of the house frame. Stick the paper & cork house with the clock movement to the back of the frame.

Getting up to monkey business!


As usual Efco have added to their range of Pappart shapes this year. Unicorns look set to be a new trend for 2017 but personally we think these monkeys look like loads of fun! Painted in bright colours they would make perfect decorations for a child’s bedroom. They can be personalised to suit the child whatever their interests might be e.g. football supporter, biking enthusiast, etc, and they have been especially designed with curved tails and paws so that they can be hung from each other too!

Check out the Trends Catalogue Spring/Summer 2017 for details of the latest Pappart additions.


Wishing you a Happy Christmas!

Our offices will be closed for the festive season on 23rd December and will re-open on 3rd January.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and wish you a very Happy New Year!


Easy Rust Paste and Liquid

Efco Easy Rust Paste and Liquid is now available. It is a water-based medium suitable for exterior use. Lightfast, it can be applied to most surfaces including card, polystyrene, wood, metal, PappArt and ceramic.

Efco Easy Rust

With Easy Rust it is easy to create a rusty look without chemicals. It is also possible to burnish or glaze it for great finishes which are weather resistant when dry. The Easy Rust Paste is available in two colours, red and brown, and can be mixed to create different tones. It can also be mixed with the rust orange Easy Rust Liquid.

Contact us for more information or to place an order.