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Nabbi Bead Threading Tool


Nabbi® beads are not just for creating patterns and pictures. You can also use them to not only decorate but also protect headphone cables. In fact any cable which has a diameter not bigger than 2mm can be decorated with Nabbi® beads eg. phone charger cable or mouse cable.

MO_Kopfhoerer materials

Materials Needed: 
Nabbi® Beads (1082380)
Nabbi® Bead Steel Tool (1830099)
Comfortline Craft Knife (1802523)
A4 Cutting Mat (1802830)

MO_Kopfhoerer step 1

Use the craft knife to cut one side of the Nabbi® bead.

MO_Kopfhoerer step 2

Slide the Nabbi® bead onto the tool until it opens up the cut.

MO_Kopfhoerer step 3

Insert the cable through the gap created and slide the tool out, allowing the bead to close. Repeat until the cable is covered!

To view our range of Nabbi® beads check out pages 30-34 of  The Basics Catalogue

Contact us for more information on the new steel Nabbi® Threading Tool.

New Stripe Mix available in Nabbi® Beads


Nabbi® Melting Beads now come in a new bag of mixed striped colours which are great for children’s projects and birthday presents.

Here’s a great idea from Efco…


Materials and Tools needed:
Iron and Ironing Pad
Greaseproof Paper
Nabbi® – Melting Beads – Striped Colour Mix – ø5 x H 5mm (1082380)
Nabbi® – Mixed Heart Pegboard 1 (1082222)
Snap Hook with Keyring 50mm (2188350)


Position your chosen Nabbi® beads on the pegboard leaving one peg empty on either the left or right upper area of the heart. Lay the greaseproof paper over the top and iron to fix the beads. After briefly leaving it to cool, carefully remove the beaded heart from the pegboard. Iron the back to stabilise the heart. When cool, push the keyring through the hole left by the missing bead.