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Handbag First Aid Kit

Handbag First Aid Kit
Designed by Michaela Koch

1802913 – Soft-Cut Premium Line Scissors, 21 cm, black/blue
1802730 – Aluminium Ruler, 30 cm

3370600 – Marron Cork Leather, 45 x 35 cm / 0.65mm
4900800 – Oaki Doki, Retro Print Fabrics, 75 x 50 cm, 54 pieces
9315322 – Fusible Interfacing, 100% polyamide, 45 x 33 cm, 3 pcs
9121305 – TEX-Fix Gemstone Glue, 50 ml / 50 g
2552201 – Velcro Dots, round / self-adhesive / assorted, 20 mm, 12 pcs, white

In addition: pencil, iron, baking paper, pins, sewing machine, sewing thread

1. Cut a 31.5 x 12 cm piece from the cork leather. Cut out the same sized piece from the fusible interfacing. Lay the rough side of the interfacing on the reverse of the cork leather and iron. Peel the backing paper from the interfacing, lay the fabric over the top and iron. Cut the fabric to size.

2. Cut a 6 x 12 cm and an 8 x 12 cm piece from the cork/fabric strip created in step 1. Lay the cork pieces on top of one another ie the remaining 17.5 cm length on the bottom with the 8 cm length (cork side up) next and the 6 cm length on top. Pin and then sew them together.

3. Stick the velcro dots on with some textile adhesive, press lightly and allow to dry. Once dry, fix by pressing with an iron.


Heart Pillow

Designer: Michaela Koch

1802913 Soft-Cut Premium Line Scissors, 21 cm
1802532 Comfortline Soft Grip Hobby Scissors

4900200 Oaki Doki Uni Fabrics, 70 x 50 cm, Assorted
4900600 Oaki Doki Print Fabrics So Cute, 75 x 50 cm, Assorted
1480347 Glitter Iron On Transfer Sheet, Hot fix, 15 x 20 cm, Light Blue
1796286 Punch XXL, Retro Flower, 58 x 56 cm
1002000 Puffy Polyester Wool Stuffing for Filling and Decoration, 250 g, White

Additional: Template, Pencil, Needles, Sewing Machine, Sewing Thread, Baking Paper, Iron, Sewing Needles.

1. Transfer the half heart (template) to the Oaki Doki fabric without a seam allowance. A left and a right half are required for each of the two fabrics. Take one plain and one patterned half heart and place them together with the right sides facing inwards. Sew the two halves of the heart together down the middle. Repeat for the other two halves.

Tip: Lay the two fabrics on top of each other and place the paper half heart before cutting. Fix the paper half heart to the fabric with pins. When the fabric is cut two identical heart halves (one left and one right) are automatically created.

(2) Remove the film from the glitter transfer sheet and punch out a flower. Place the flower on the white heart half and fix it with the iron. (Position baking paper over the glitter sheet.)

(3) Place the hearts right sides together and secure them with pins. Then sew them together leaving a turning opening.

Trim the seams as much as possible especially at the curves. Cut the seam at the heart tip. Turn the fabric through the opening and fill well with the wool filling.

(4) Sew the opening together by hand with a concealed mattress stitch.

You can download the template from Efco’s German Website.

Check out the Textiles Catalogue for the range of Oaki Doaki fabrics and Hot Fix Transfer Sheets.

Fabric Covered Box

Designed by Michaela Koch

1802730 Aluminium Ruler
1802911 Soft-Cut Premium Line Scissors
1880424 Flat Paintbrush Gr. 24
1880412 Flat Paintbrush Gr. 12
9311433 Mixing Palette
1879900 Paintbrush Water Container, Plastic
1804003 Hot Glue Gun
1805001 Glue Sticks

2638012 Flat Round Box
6832016 Martha Steward Satin Acrylic – Surf
6832098 Martha Steward High Gloss Acylic – Marmalade
9586205 Transparent Craft Glue
4901400 Oaki Doki Printed Fabric, 70 x 50 cm
4900300 Oaki Doki Bias Binding, 3 m x 20 mm, Red
1402402 Wooden Clothes Pegs, 45 mm
1402720 Wooden Cupped Round Blank, 20 mm
1174497 Country Button
2002728 Waxed Cotton Cord, Red

1. Paint the inside of the box and lid light blue using the wide brush. Leave to dry. Paint the outside of the base orange and leave to dry.

2. Cut a piece of Oaki Doki fabric approximately 23 x 23 cm. Use the thin brush to cover the outside of the lid with transparent glue. Position the lid in the centre of the fabric. Stick the fabric to the lid, smoothing it out to the edges. Apply more transparent glue to the edge of the lid. Pull the fabric down over the edge of the lid. The tighter the fabric is, the less folds will appear around the rim. Fix the fabric with wooden pegs and leave to dry. Use scissors to cut the excess fabric.

3. Cut a 42 cm strip of bias binding. The bias binding is folded in the middle making it easier to fold it over the edge of the lid. Wrap it around the bottom edge of the lid (half on the outside, half on the inside) and stick it in position with transparent glue. Hold it in position with wooden pegs whilst it dries. Thread a piece of waxed cotton cord through the button and knot it. Glue the button to the centre of the box lid using the hot glue gun.

Check out the Catalogue page for the products needed to complete this project.

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