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Festive Lantern

With Christmas fast approaching the festive season is upon us so why not try these multicoloured Creaflexx Lanterns with Starshine Foil created by Kathleen Hauck

1802730 Aluminium Ruler 30 cm
1802510 Soft-Cut Premium Knife inc. 2 blades, 9 mm
1802526 Comfortline Cutting Mat DIN A3
1802913 Soft-Cut Premium Line Scissors, 21 cm, black/blue
1880420 Flat Paintbrush Synthetic Hair, Gr. 20 / 19 mm
1879900 Paintbrush Water Container, Plastic
9311433 Mixing Palette, 6-parts, 24 x 19 cm
1803901 Heat Gun, 230 Volt / 300 W
1827009 Awl, 9 cm
1801903 Combi Pliers, 12 cm

3400002 Creaflexx, adhesive coated on one side, 50 x 75 cm / 1 mm, white
6832007 Martha Steward Acrylic Satin, 59 ml, Granny Smith
6832003 Martha Steward Acrylic Satin, 59 ml, Scottish Highlands
6832016 Martha Steward Acrylic Satin, 59 ml, Surf
6832019 Martha Steward Acrylic Satin, 59 ml, Greek Tile
2002257 Waxed Cotton Cord, ø 1 mm, Light Turquoise
2002261 Waxed Cotton Cord, ø 1 mm, Light Green
1177235 Soccer Buttons, Varicoloured
1405548 Wooden Beads, 8 mm / ø 2.3 mm, 25 g / ~ 118 Stk., blue mix
1405561 Wooden Beads, 8 mm / ø 2.3 mm, 25 g / ~ 118 Stk., green mix
1000402 Starshine Foil, milky transparent, 50 x 35 cm / 0.33 mm
1520606 Tacky Special Double-sided Tape, 6 mm x 10 m, transparent
2689110 LED Fairy Lights, Warm White inc. Battery, 10 LED‘s, White/Silver wire
1621600 Wire Lantern Handles, 19 cm / ø 1 mm
1621501 Lantern Rod with Wire, 60 cm

In addition: template, pencil, painting pad, thin cotton gloves, heat resistant pad

1. Transfer the lantern pattern (as shown) onto the Creaflexx and cut it out. Cut the openings with a craft knife. Basecoat the lantern with the dark green acrylic and leave to dry slightly. Then apply the other three acrylic paints randomly by picking up a little paint with the brush, dabbing it onto the paint palette and then brushing irregular, different coloured strokes on top of the dark green. Leave to dry.

2. Take a Creaflexx frame and on two juxtaposed sides use the awl to make holes in the centre at 8cm, 9cm, 10cm, 11cm and 12cm. (Push the awl 1-2 cm through the Creaflexx as you need to make sure the holes are large enough so that the thread can be easily threaded through.)

Cut five 40cm pieces of green cotton cord. Thread a length of cord through each hole in one side of the frame to the centre of the cord. Fold the cords in two, tying a knot in each close to the frame edge. Thread 2-3 wooden beads from the green bead mix on the end of the strings with an occasional football button. Tie a knot in the cords after threading each bead, varying the height as you go. Repeat with the turquoise cotton cord and the blue bead mix for the other side of the frame.

Repeat for the second frame.

3. Place the large lantern coloured side down. Heat the taps with the heat gun and bend them upwards at a right angle. Keep them in position with a ruler until the Creaflexx starts to cool down and retain its shape (2-3 minutes). Then heat one side of the lantern and bend it up at a right angle. Hold it in position until it cools down. Repeat for the other side. Heat the sides with tabs, bending them around the upright sides, sticking the tabs to the outside of the frame. (As long as the Creaflexx is warm the adhesive will stick and then hold when cold.)

Heat a frame from Step 2 and stick it to one side of the lantern with the beads hanging down on the two closed sides. Heat the second frame and stick it to the other side of the lantern.

Note: We recommend wearing thin cotton gloves when working wth Creaflexx as the glue can become very hot when heated.

4. Heat and roll up the inner part of the frame (approx. 15 x 15 cm of Creaflexx) to form a 15cm long tube. Loosely wrap the fairy lights around the Creaflexx roll and insert the battery compartment inside the tube. Place the lantern on one side and heat this side from the centre with the heat gun. Press the roll in position in the lantern.

5. Cut out two 19 x 19 cm pieces from the star shine foil. Stick Tacky double-sided tape around the edges of the glossy side of the foils and then stick them to the inside of the lantern.

Use the awl to pierce a hole through the tip of the lantern, front and back. Put a wooden bead on one side of the lantern wire. Bend the wire at about 3 cm and thread it through one of the holes before bending it upwards and sliding the wooden bead down over the end. Repeat for the other side of the lantern wire before attaching the lantern rod.


Check out the Trends Autumn/Winter 2017 catalogue for Creaflexx and Starshine Foil.

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