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Efcolor Enamelled Heart

Efcolor enamelling is lots of fun and much cheaper to do than traditional enamelling. Using resin based powders rather than ground glass you don’t need a kiln to fire your pieces. They can be heated in a conventional kitchen oven or better still on the purpose designed Efcolor Tealight Stove.

Because they are fired at such a low temperature (150ºC) you can enamel items other than copper e.g. ceramics, wood, aluminium, stone, glass, papier mâché. You can also combine other elements with them such as Swarovski crystals, rubs ons, rubber stamping, acrylic paints, even Distress crayons and embossing powders/crystals. You can create unique handmade jewellery and other items which make great presents for family and friends all year round but especially at Christmas. For instance this enamelled heart pendant is simple and easy to make but looks very luxurious…

Materials needed:
99 194 61 – Copper Heart Pendant 27 x 27 mm
93 717 06 – Efcolor Stove (or Domestic Oven)
93 700 29 – Dark Red Efcolor Powder
93 700 01 – White Efcolor Powder
93 703 91 – Silver Glitter Efcolor Powder
93 701 28 – Transparent Red Efcolor Powder
10 254 29 – Silver Lined Dark Red Indian Beads ø2.2mm
18 024 07 – Flat Nose Pliers
18 024 05 – Wire Cutters
In Addition:
Copper Tiger Tail Beading Wire
Copper Jump Ring and Clasp


1. Lightly sand the copper heart and cover with a layer of dark red Efcolor powder. Place the blank on the stove until the powder has melted creating a smooth glossy enamelled surface.

2. When cool, cover the top edges with white Efcolor, fading out as you move down the heart.

3. Before reheating the blank, cover the white Efcolor with a little silver glitter Efcolor, again focusing most across the top of the heart allowing it to thin out towards the bottom.

4. Place the blank back on the tealight stove until the powder has melted leaving you with a concentration of silver glitter at the top with hints of white fading out towards dark red at the bottom.

5. When cool, cover the blank with a thin layer of transparent red Efcolor and replace on the stove to melt the powder.

6. Take two lengths of beading wire and thread them with the dark red Indian beads. Attach the clasp at the ends and use a jump ring to attach the pendant when cool.

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