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Easy Beton Planter

Easy Beton Planter

Easy Beton Paste, Cement Grey (9317903)
Easy Beton Paste, Light Grey (9317901)
Easy Moss, Green (9317767)
Easy Moss, Olive (9317765)
String or Ribbon
Large Brush
Gimlet (1801810)
Compost and Plants
Optional: Grit or Broken Crockery for extra drainage

Step 1. Blow up a balloon and tie a ribbon or string to the end. Paint at least half of it with a thick layer of cement grey Easy Beton Paste.

Step 2. Use the ribbon/string to hang the balloon up to dry.

Step 3. When touch dry, cover it with another thick layer of paste. Leave to dry. Repeat several times until the paste is approx. 5mm thick (8-9 layers).

Step 4. Add another layer, this time blending some light Easy Beton and Easy Moss Pastes for interest. Leave to dry thoroughly.

Step 5. When completely dry, remove the balloon, peeling it away from the Easy Beton. Do this carefully as the bowl is flexible at this stage.

Step 6. Use a gimlet to carefully drill holes in the base of planter for drainage.

Step 7. If needed, place some grit or broken crockery in the bottom for greater drainage. Then fill the planter with compost and plants.

Alternatively, once you have removed the balloon, you can place the Beton bowl upside-down in a flower bed as structural decoration.

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