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Designed by Kathleen Hauck

1802532 Comfortline Soft Grip Hobby Scissors
1802730 Aluminium Ruler, 30 cm
1804102 Hot Glue Gun, 55 W for ø 11.2 mm
1805005 Glue Sticks, 300 x 11.2 mm, Clear

2213525 Wire Ring, ø 25 cm, White
2213535 Wire Ring, ø 35 cm, White
2002002 Alcantara Cord, Cream, 3 mm
3456832 Feathers Deco Ribbon with Fringe, 40 mm, Light Pink
3429001 Flower Embroidery Lace Ribbon, 22 mm, White
3429032 Flower Embroidery Lace Ribbon, 22 mm, Light Pink
1223832 Crochet Ribbon, 20 mm, Light Pink
1233033 Cotton Ribbon, Romance, 25 mm, Light Pink
1215132 Double Satin Ribbon, 3 mm, Light Pink
2002201 Cotton Waxed Cord, ø 1 mm, White
2004202 Cotton Waxed Cord, ~ 0.5 mm, Cream
1004301 Marabu Feathers, 100 – 120 mm, 2 g ~ 20 Stk, White
1023701 Indian Pearl Beads, Matt, ø 5.5 mm, transparent
1023777 Silver Lined Indian Pearl Beads, ø 5.5 mm, Lilac

1. Cut a 3.2 m piece of Alcantara cord. Glue one end to the small wire ring with the hot glue gun. Wrap it around the ring until there is about 7-8 cm of the ring left visible. Glue the end to the ring with the hot glue gun.

Cut approx. 5.4 m of Alcantara cord for the large ring. Glue one end to the large ring. Wrap the ring approx. 15-20 times. Then position the bare section of the small ring against the large ring and continue wrapping both rings, binding them together. When the bare section is covered return to wrapping just the large ring. Fix the end of the cord with more glue.

2. Cut pieces of the various ribbons. Wrap them around the rings, sticking them to the back. Remove any excess ribbon. Fill the gaps with satin ribbon or cotton cords, fixing them in position with glue.

3. Cut 4 40 cm pieces of white cotton cord. Tie each strand in the middle of the two ring bound section. Thread the cords with matt Indian beads. Tie knots in the thread to create irregular intervals between the beads.

Cut 3 40 cm of cream cotton cord. Tie these to the two rings in between the white cotton cords. Thread the silver lined pink Indian beads onto the cords. Tie knots to create irregular intervals between the beads.

Cut 4 40 cm pieces of double satin ribbons. Use a touch of hot glue to stick the middle of the ribbons to the rings in between the cords. Pull the ribbons straight and use scissors to cut the ribbons to make the ones at the sides shorter than those in the middle.

4. Cut a 1.2 m piece of double satin ribbon and fold it in half. Attach the ribbon either side of the two ring bound section to create the hanging strap. Use the hot glue gun to attach three feathers to the rings either side of the strap.

Check out the Ribbons/Napkins and Autumn/Winter 2017 Catalogues to view Efco’s range of ribbons.

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