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Beton Star Advent Wreath

Beton Star Advent Wreath

Designed by Kathleen Hauck

1880420 Synthetic Flat Paintbrush Gr. 20
1879900 Paintbrush Washing Container, 16×16 x H 8.5 cm
1802730 Aluminium Ruler, 30 cm
1802911 Soft-Cut Premium Line Scissors, 15 cm, black/blue
1802200 Safety Glasses, 15.8 x 5 cm, clear

1014905 Polystyrene Star, 50 mm, 6 Stk.
1014908 Polystyrene Star, 83 mm, 4 Stk.
1014911 Polystyrene Star, 115 mm, 2 Stk.
9317901 Easy Beton Paste, 350 g, grey
9317903 Easy Beton Paste, 350 g, cement grey
9500005 Star Mould, 3-parts
9319601 Beton Premium for Casting, 1.5 kg

In addition: 4 candles, aluminium foil, adhesive strips, protective gloves, protective mask, mixing container and old spoon/stick for mixing the Beton, scales

1. Paint any number of polystyrene stars with light and/or dark Easy Beton paste. Leave to dry.

2. Cut four 7cm wide strips of aluminium foil. Wrap a piece of foil around the bottom of a candle leaving about 1cm overhanging. Fix it with a piece of adhesive tape. Fold the excess foil around the bottom of the candle and fix in position with 2 pieces of tape, crossing each other underneath. Carefully remove the aluminium foil sleeve from the candle.

Repeat for the other three candles.

3. Mix about 900g of concrete powder with 126g of water in a mixing bowl and stir well for 3 minutes. Let the concrete rest for 2-3 minutes so that the air can escape. Then fill the big star mould with the concrete mass. Carefully put a forefinger in one of the foil candle sleeves and press it into the still soft concrete. Do the same with the other 3 aluminium foil sleeves.

The star can be removed from the mould after 24 hours. Remove the aluminium foil sleeves and insert the candles into the holes.


You will find Efco’s modelling and casting range of Beton and some of their moulds in the current Trends Autumn/Winter 2017 Catalogue. For more moulds check out the Technical Hobbies Catalogue.

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