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Beton Bag Planter

Beton Jute Bag

9318701 Beton Hobby for Modelling, 1,5 kg
3423122 Jute sack with cord, 14 x 18 cm
9911005 Empty container 155 ml, ø 69 mm, h 65 mm
1260178 Wool Cord, brown, 5 mm


1. Remove the cord from the jute bag and turn it inside out. Wrap the beaker in clingfilm.

Weigh out 1 kg of modelling Beton and mix it thoroughly with 160 g of water until it forms a smooth concrete mass. Leave the mixture to rest for 2 minutes before using it to fill the jute bag. Make sure the bag is filled completely (including the corners) and that there are no air pockets. Push the wrapped beaker into the Beton and loosely tie a piece of wool cord around the sack just below the top of the Beton. Leave to dry for several hours (preferably 24 hours).

2. Discard the wool cord. Carefully remove the jute bag by using a scalpel to cut the seam open and peeling it off the Beton. Remove the beaker and peel away the cling film. Tie a piece of wool cord around the Beton bag to finish.

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