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2mm Paracord from Efco

The Efco 2mm cords are not just for creating thin Paracord bands. You can use them in Paracord techniques for all sorts of projects. For instance, with Spring and Summer on the way they are ideal for jazzing up plain flip flops.

Efco Paracord Flip Flops 1


This would make a great workshop for retailers wanting to introduce their customers to the joys of Paracord braiding. It is simple and easy to do: You will need 2 x 4m packs of 2mm cord (and naturally a pair of flip flops too). A more interesting effect can easily be achieved if you use two contrasting colours or a plain and patterned cord. Stick the two cords together by heating the ends and joining them until cool. Then, using the straps of the flip flops as the central cords, follow the basic Paracord weave instuctions which can be found in every bag of Efco Paracord (also know as the Macramé square knot). When you get to the other end of the strap, cut the excess and carefully heat the ends to seal and secure (making sure not to burn the flip flops). Repeat for the second flip flop.

Efco Paracord Flip Flops 2

To see the complete range of Efco’s 2mm Paracords check out page 12.16 of the Basics Catalogue.

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