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Wood Veneer Lampshade

Wood Veneer Woven Lampshade
Designed by Kathleen Hauck

1802913 – Soft Cut Premium Line Scissors
1802730 – Aluminium Ruler
1802521 – Knife with Professional Blade
1802526 – Craft Mat
1804102 – Hot Glue Gun 55 W for ø 11.2mm
1805005 – Glue Sticks

2213015 – Lampshade frame, round 15cm/ø 15cm
2002201 – Waxed Cotton Cord, ø 1mm, 100m, white
3480120 – Wood Veneer, 20cm x 1.25cm, natural
2690000 – Electric Light Holder with switch

In addition: pencil, bulb

Step 1. Cut 12 pieces of waxed cotton cord approx. 40cm long. Wrap a piece of cord in the middle between two struts of the frame and tie a knot. Then tie a piece of cord in the middle between the first cord and a strut. Repeat for the other side of the first cord. Trim the excess cords. Repeat around the lampshade frame so that you end up with 3 cords even distributed between all the struts.

Step 2. Cut a 50cm long piece of wood veneer. Cut two 3cm wide strips and six 2cm wide strips from this piece. Starting with a 3cm wide strip, position the end behind one of the struts. Weave the strip in and out of the cotton cords and struts. Due to the even number of struts/cords (16), the wood veneer strip will end up exactly at the beginning (i.e. behind a strut). Glue the end of the strip to the beginning (behind the strut) using a hot glue gun. Continue in the same way with a 2cm wide strip, except make sure that it begins in front of the strut rather than behind. Continue in the same vein with three more 2cm wide strips and finally a 3cm wide strip, alternating where you start i.e. in front or behind a strut.

Step 3. Use the hot glue gun to stick the two remaining 2cm strips around the top and bottom of the frame to hide it. Attach the electric light holder to the frame and insert the bulb.

Easy Beton Planter

Easy Beton Planter

Easy Beton Paste, Cement Grey (9317903)
Easy Beton Paste, Light Grey (9317901)
Easy Moss, Green (9317767)
Easy Moss, Olive (9317765)
String or Ribbon
Large Brush
Gimlet (1801810)
Compost and Plants
Optional: Grit or Broken Crockery for extra drainage

Step 1. Blow up a balloon and tie a ribbon or string to the end. Paint at least half of it with a thick layer of cement grey Easy Beton Paste.

Step 2. Use the ribbon/string to hang the balloon up to dry.

Step 3. When touch dry, cover it with another thick layer of paste. Leave to dry. Repeat several times until the paste is approx. 5mm thick (8-9 layers).

Step 4. Add another layer, this time blending some light Easy Beton and Easy Moss Pastes for interest. Leave to dry thoroughly.

Step 5. When completely dry, remove the balloon, peeling it away from the Easy Beton. Do this carefully as the bowl is flexible at this stage.

Step 6. Use a gimlet to carefully drill holes in the base of planter for drainage.

Step 7. If needed, place some grit or broken crockery in the bottom for greater drainage. Then fill the planter with compost and plants.

Alternatively, once you have removed the balloon, you can place the Beton bowl upside-down in a flower bed as structural decoration.

iZink Stamping is Fun!

iZink foam rubber stamps and mini pigment ink pads are perfect for creating interesting backgrounds for cards and gift packaging and if stamped onto tissue paper you could even make your own gift packaging! They can be used in conjunction with other stamps and inks too.

To view a selection of the iZink range of stamps, embossing powders, and 3D Texture Pastes see pages N.37-N.39 of the Autumn/Winter 2017 Trends Catalogue. Alternatively you can view the full range of iZink products including inks and inkpad sets in the Aladine Catalogue on Efco’s German website.

Doodling till Christmas!

Once decorated Efco’s Doodleart boxes are presents in themselves but they also make excellent packaging for those extra special presents!

They can be decorated with colouring pencils, pens, watercolour pencils & crayons, alcohol markers, and even inks or paints. Embellishments such as ultrafine glitter and crystals can also be added with adhesive. And to protect them you can even spray them with Efco’s matt, satin or gloss varnish.


To see the complete range of Doodleart boxes check out the Autumn/Winter 2017 Trends Catalogue.