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Magnets from Wooden Discs


Most people pass the fridge several times a day so it makes sense to use it as a noticeboard to share notes, schedules, shopping lists and dates.

These cute owl decorated wooden discs with Efco’s extra strong magnets are perfect for making sure all your lists stay put.

Materials & Tools needed:

2406502 – Wooden Discs ø 3-5cm
1662012 – Owl Family Tree 3 ply Napkin
1056011 – Extra Strong Magnets ø10mm
1802532 – Comfortline Hobby Scissors
9315210 – Decoupage Medium
1880406 – Synthetic Hair Flat Brush, Gr 6
9311433 – Mixing Palette, 24 x 19cm
1945820 – UHU – Max Repair Extreme Glue
1802830 – A4 Cutting Mat


First cut out the desired owl from the napkin. Remove the back two layers of the napkin so that only the printed upper layer remains.


Brush the wooden disc with a good layer of decoupage medium and lay the owl motif over the top. Pat it down before carefully brushing more decoupage medium over the top.


When dry, fix a magnet to the back of the wooden disc with the adhesive. Leave to dry and you are done!