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Nabbi Bead Threading Tool


Nabbi® beads are not just for creating patterns and pictures. You can also use them to not only decorate but also protect headphone cables. In fact any cable which has a diameter not bigger than 2mm can be decorated with Nabbi® beads eg. phone charger cable or mouse cable.

MO_Kopfhoerer materials

Materials Needed: 
Nabbi® Beads (1082380)
Nabbi® Bead Steel Tool (1830099)
Comfortline Craft Knife (1802523)
A4 Cutting Mat (1802830)

MO_Kopfhoerer step 1

Use the craft knife to cut one side of the Nabbi® bead.

MO_Kopfhoerer step 2

Slide the Nabbi® bead onto the tool until it opens up the cut.

MO_Kopfhoerer step 3

Insert the cable through the gap created and slide the tool out, allowing the bead to close. Repeat until the cable is covered!

To view our range of Nabbi® beads check out pages 30-34 of  The Basics Catalogue

Contact us for more information on the new steel Nabbi® Threading Tool.