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Cork Mobile Case


Working with cork leather is easy as you can see in this craft tutorial from Efco which shows in a few steps how to make a great looking, durable phone case. In fact it’s so easy a child could make it as a gift for Father’s Day!

Materials and tools:
Cork Leather, 45 x 35cm, 0.65mm (33 706 ..)
Velcro Fastener 20mm Black (25 520 89)
Scissors Soft-Cut Premium Line (18 029 11)
UHU – Allcraft Transparent Flex + Clean (19 450 40)
Wooden Clothes Pegs 30mm (14 024 01)
Aluminium Ruler, 30cm (18 027 30)


Step 1. First create a template for the phone plus a closing flap. Allow for seams down the sides too. Mark it on the cork leather and cut it out with scissors.


Step 2. Apply a thin line of adhesive (approx. 4mm wide) down the long sides of the cork leather. Leave it until it is touch dry and then squeeze the edges together and secure them with clothes pegs for at least 2 minutes. Leave the short side open.


Step 3. Glue the flap centrally on one side of the phone case. Cut about 2cm of Velcro. Stick the fluffy part at the end of the flap on the underside. Stick the hook part to the corresponding area on the case.

Tip: The phone case can also be sewn with a sewing machine on the denim setting. First place the Velcro on the flap and sew it in position with a zigzag stitch. Sew the other piece on the pocket before sewing the sides together, again with a zigzag stitch.

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