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Efcolor Collage Blanks

The 80 x 80 mm aluminium collage blanks in the Efcolor range are proving very popular with crafters at the moment as they are the perfect size to create little post-it note books…

Post Box Post It Note Book Texture Mat Post It Block

Efcolor is Efco’s own cool enamelling system with allows crafters to combine other techniques and products such as decoupage, rub ons, alcohol pens, crystals and rubber stamping. With 4 blanks in each pack crafters are able to create 2 books from one pack!

Check out the full range of blanks for enamelling in the Efcolor catalogue.

Darwi Amerina Pens

Darwi Amerina Pens are designed for decorating ceramic and glass. They are an acrylic water-based paint which comes in 18 inter-mixable colours and 1 medium. Once dry they are glossy and very resistant to light. They quickly become touch dry but when left for 48 hours they are dishwasher resistant. As with all ceramic and glass paints are are for decorative purposes only and shouldn’t be used on surfaces that will come into contact with food. So, with Halloween just around the corner,a quick and easy idea is to decorate night light holders for a spooky themed party…

Witch Night Light 2

To find out more check out page 151.42 of the Efco Technical Hobbies Catalogue.