Woodies Stamps

Woodies 3

Efco are the only UK distributors for Woodies stamps and ink pads.

Manufactured by RoyalPosthumus (one of the oldest and largest stamp manufacturers in Europe) they are made from 100% fair trade, renewable raw materials from European suppliers: FSC-certified beech wood which has been painted with UV-resistant varnish, 2mm of foam rubber and 100% natural rubber.

Woodies Handmade

There are 96 designs in all covering 12 different themes including Wedding, Handmade, Invitation, Baby and Christmas. Each theme is packaged in its own display which is in keeping with the Woodies natural look. The round ink pads, just perfect for Woodies stamps, are available in 25 delicious colours. In 2015 RoyalPosthumus extended their stamp range to include 72 miniature motifs which are available in 8 different collections.

For more information check out the Everything for Paper Catalogue (pages 63.67 – 63.87).

(All images copyright of RoyalPosthumus)

  • Stavroula

    June 20th, 2016

    I have two small straw hats natural light. At the label I found your website and some information. The one is 8,5 cm with the code 1014409 and the other 6,5cm with the code 1014407. I leave in Athens,Greece and I want 100 of the 6,5cm and 100 of the 8,5cm. Can you send them to me and how much is it? I’m waiting for your answer. Thank you!

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