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New Catalogue Sections

Hot off the press!

New catalogue sections for Summer / Autumn 2012

For the complete listing of all current sections in the Efco catalogue, visit the catalogue page.

The new sections will be mailed to all customers in the next few weeks – do get in touch if you’ve not received your copy by mid June

Public holidays in Germany

As one of our colleagues in Rohrbach said ” May and June are good months to be an employee in Germany!”

Efco will be closed for the following holidays:

  • 17th May  Ascension Day
  • 28th May  Whitsun
  • 7th & 8th June    Corpus Christi
  • 3rd October  German Unification Day
  • 1st November   All Saints’ Day

So do allow a little more time for delivery if you’re ordering around these dates