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Luminaria (TM)

Every bit as magical as Chinese lanterns, but with less risk of fire and possible damage to wildlife and livestock from discarded parts.

Luminaria lights

Luminaria in an outdoors setting

“A luminaria is a small light or lantern (commonly a candle set in some sand inside a paper bag) which is of significance among New World Hispanics at Christmas time.  ….. In recent times they are seen more as a secular decoration, akin to Christmas lights. Strings of artificial luminarias, with plastic bags illuminated by small light bulbs and connected by an electrical cord, are also available, and are common in the American Southwest, where they are typically displayed throughout the year-end holiday season. These are beginning to gain popularity in other parts of the United States.”
[quote taken from Wikipedia ]

Luminaria bags

Luminaria bags

Luminaria ™ from Efco are available in 30 different designs and 10 displays. (see News catalogue chapter 171, pages 1-7)

Luminaria can be used either outside or indoors and with either tea-lights (the paper has been treated to make it flame resistant), or with chains of fairy lights (indoors only). Luminaria can be used “as is” or decorated and will create a stunning setting for a late summer barbecue or party, or a romantic and novel Christmas decoration.

Luminaria table display

A Luminaria table display

Luminaria decorated with craft paint

A decorated Luminaria light

New Catalogue Sections

New Efco catalogue sections mailed August 2010

Efco News catalogue cover

The new catalogue sections have been mailed from Efco.

News – chapter 171

Ribbons / Serviettes chapter 81. Replaces the current section, chapter 80

Decoration chapter 101. Replaces the current chapter 100.

Probably worth keeping the “old” chapters for a while until we are sure that all current items have been included in the new sections!

There is a new price list, effective from 1st Aug 2010, ref 2010/2 covering the new additions to the range.

All Efco account holders should automatically receive the new sections and pricelist. If nothing has turned up in the next few days, please let us know.