Festive Felt Shapes

Efco stock a great range of pre-cut seasonal felt shapes available in festive colours.

Efco Winter Felt (34 487 28)

Efco Elk Felt (34 483 78)Efco Felt Heart Hanger (34 476 86)






Winter Felt (34 487 28)              Elk Felt (34 483 78)                Felt Heart Hanger (34 476 86)

Check out the range of felt shapes in the newly updated Decoration section on the catalogue page.

New ! Laser-cut letters

New from Efco, these super ply laser-cut letters and numerals.
Available in a boxed display case, or as individual items all at incredible prices!
The letters are approx 40mm high, cut from 2mm ply.





2490599        Display
24906..           Single letters (supplied as an outer of 10)
24905..           Numerals (supplied as an outer of 10)

Also on the subject of new items – Efco have published their Spring 14 catalogue additions – see the catalogue page for an updated listing.
These should have been mailed to our account customers, but if you’ve slipped through the net, please get in touch via the contact form.

We will be presenting our new ranges at Creative World Frankfurt (25/1/14 – 28/1/14) Stand F63, Hall 4.1 and at Craft Hobby and Stich International at the NEC, 16th – 18th February. Stand G25.
We look forward to your visit!


Efco Anodised Aluminium Wire

MO_ringstarter_TsmallNew from Efco, our range of anodised aluminium wires, available in over 20 different colours and varying textures. Soft and easy to bend, Efco’s anodised aluminium wire is perfect for creative jewellery making and hundreds of craft uses. The wires are supplied in two thicknesses: 1 & 2mm diameter  and as 5mm ribbon.

Click here to view a pdf of the range and accessories.



The photos below show jewellery and other items using Efco’s aluminium wire.
(Click the arrows to change the image)


Another great idea from Efco ….

Efco wire protectors Efco wire protectors

These plastic protectors slide over the ends of pliers to give a bit more grip and prevent damage to jewellery wire or other delicate items. Use a heat-gun or hair-dryer to shrink the protector onto the pliers.

The protectors are supplied as a set of four 10cm lengths in three different diameters: 3.2mm, 4.8mm, 6.4mm (x2)


New Catalogue Sections


5 new catalogue sections full of exciting new products from Efco for this autumn season.

Papp Art goes from strength to strength; we’ve introduclettersed a new selection of mini (5cm high) letters and numerals; supplied as a complete range in a display case. A new departure are some stylish Papp Art Bookends – these are weighted  – so they are practical as well as elegant.

With Christmas getting closer, some cute reindeer and very traditional rocking horse shapes are bound to be strong selling additions to the Papp Art range.

Now that summer has finally come and really is HOT, see Efco’s new bead ranges in glowing Neon colours -pages 50 – 52 in the News section for the coolest thing this hot summer, or is that too many puns in the sun?
The Neon colours are also available in Efcolor cold enamel on page 103 of the same section.

As well as the “official” new catalogue sections click here to open the Home Fair brochure, which gives a good overview of Efco’s new lines for the latter half of the year. (It’s a rather large pdf – if your browser is taking a long time to open the file, right click on the link and use “save link as” to save a copy on your computer)

Section Reference Title
177 News Autumn 2013
32 Textile Crafts
84 Ribbons & Napkins
104 Decoration
151 Technical hobbies

In the meantime, you can view the new sections as PDFs; just click on the title to open.

If you have an account with Efco, these should be mailed to you automatically. If you’ve not received your copy by early August do contact us.

Floods in Germany

Hochwasser in Bayern

You may have seen in the news reports on the flooding in Germany over the weekend.

Although the the Pfalz region didn’t seem too badly hit – other than a very full and turbulent river Rhine and a lot of waterlogged fields, the rain has caused problems at Efco’s local exchange and they are without internet and phones. Communication is limited to a  single fax line and various mobiles!

The latest information we have from Efco is that the phonelines are still out of action, but should be working again tomorrow (5th June)

Image courtesy www.thelocal.de











Efco Papp Art Letters in the West End!

Efco Papp Art Letters

Efco Papp Art Letters


Efco Papp Art letters hit London’s West End!
Selfridges feature Papp art letters in the window display of their Oxford street store.

Jewellery Making with Efcolor

Jewellery making is still proving very popular among crafters. If you haven’t considered Efcolor Low Melt Enamelling as an addition to your jewellery making range then check it out. The Ideal World shows have created a lot of interest in this range – if you missed them, here’s a video to show you the basics of enamelling. At the end of the video you find some examples of what can be achieved with this great product!

Craft Hobby + Stitch International



Efco stand CHSI show feb 13


It’s that time of year again!

We’re at the CHSI show from Sunday 17th – Tuesday 19th Feb.

The booth is built and we look forward to welcoming you on

Stand G25

For more information about the show visit www.chsi.co.uk

Fiona Jones

Efcolor cold enamel powder








Efco Efcolor low temeperature enamel powdersFiona Jones of Projects4Crafters demonstrated Efcolor low temperature enamel powders on Ideal Shopping’s Create and Craft Show.

If previous experience is anything to go by this should generate interest in Efcolor cold enameling for everyone.
Fiona has produced step by step instructions, complete with part references of all items required. Click here to download

If you want more information on Efcolor or on other Efco products do email us on the contact form.


New Catalogue Sections

Hot off the press!

New catalogue sections for Summer / Autumn 2012

For the complete listing of all current sections in the Efco catalogue, visit the catalogue page.

The new sections will be mailed to all customers in the next few weeks – do get in touch if you’ve not received your copy by mid June