Spring Coloured Ribbons

Spring has sprung (even if the weather doesn’t seem to have realised it) and Efco have some beautiful ranges of spring coloured ribbons for all your crafting needs.

12 125 56 - Efco Deco Ribbon Frill, 91% Polyester 9% Elastane, 23 mm12 127 35 - Efco Deco Ribbon Cotton Optics - Bright Pink12 129 08 - Efco Deco Ribbon Fringe - Yellow, 100% Polyester, 18mm

12 715 35 - Efco Wired Ribbon Checked - Bright Pink, 93% Acetate, 6% Iron, 1% Polyester, 25mmEfco Deco Ribbon Fringe - Yellow Orange Light Green, 83% polyester 17% polyamide, 40mm12 726 35 - Efco Wired Ribbon Wave - Bright Pink, 69% Acetate, 16% Iron, 15% Polyester, 15mm

12 162 02 - Efco Ribbon Cotton Hole Pattern - Cream, 100% Cotton, 10mm12 155 41 - Efco Deco Ribbon Satin Checked - Lilac, 100% Polyester, 10mm12 163 32 - Efco Deco Ribbon Cotton Hole Pattern - Light Pink, 100% Cotton, 20mm

Check out the Spring 2015 News Catalogue to see the full range of colours and new ribbons available.

2mm Paracord from Efco

The Efco 2mm cords are not just for creating thin Paracord bands. You can use them in Paracord techniques for all sorts of projects. For instance, with Spring and Summer on the way they are ideal for jazzing up plain flip flops.

Efco Paracord Flip Flops 1


This would make a great workshop for retailers wanting to introduce their customers to the joys of Paracord braiding. It is simple and easy to do: You will need 2 x 4m packs of 2mm cord (and naturally a pair of flip flops too). A more interesting effect can easily be achieved if you use two contrasting colours or a plain and patterned cord. Stick the two cords together by heating the ends and joining them until cool. Then, using the straps of the flip flops as the central cords, follow the basic Paracord weave instuctions which can be found in every bag of Efco Paracord (also know as the Macramé square knot). When you get to the other end of the strap, cut the excess and carefully heat the ends to seal and secure (making sure not to burn the flip flops). Repeat for the second flip flop.

Efco Paracord Flip Flops 2

To see the complete range of Efco’s 2mm Paracords check out page 12.16 of the Basics Catalogue.

Cernit & Efco Texture Mat Demonstrations at Stitches 2015

Efco now stock Cernit Polymer Clay. This is a middle of the road clay which falls somewhere in between Fimo Soft and Classic in consistency. It is considered a very strong clay (possibly the strongest available on the market) with good adhesion and fine detailing qualities. It also works wonderfully with Efco’s new Texture Mats…

9500504_a_1 Efco Space Texture Mat Ring

(Space Texture Mat used to create the round ring pictured above.)

Click here to open PDF of the current designs (printed actual size)

Join us on Stand 25 at Stitches 2015 to see a demonstration of how easy it is to create stunning Cernit jewellery using Efco’s Texture Mats combined with their Jewellery Backings.


Metal Embossing with Efco Metall Art

With Efco’s new Metall Art Punches and Tools crafters can now create unique gold, copper and silver coloured metal jewellery.


Using one set of 3 punches and a utility hammer crafters can transform a plain brass donut like this…



…to this…

Efco Donut Metall Art Pendant

We will have a variety of examples on show at Stitches and Fiona Jones will be on hand to talk you through the process if needed.

Efco Paracord Braiding at Stitches 2015

We are looking forward to meeting everyone at Stitches this year. As usual you will find us on Stand G25 towards the back of the hall (not far from the coffee area).

Viper Efco Paracord Braid

One of the crafts we will have on display is Paracord braiding – a craft which appeals to a wide audience, boys and girls alike. Originally popular with climbers as a convenient way of carrying extra cord it has now crossed over into the craft world and is especially popular with boys. Macramé knots and Kumihimo weaves can be found amongst the Paracord braids and crafters will find countless free instructions available on the internet.

Retailers will find that they can cross merchandise with Efcolor Enamelling, Metall Art and Efco’s large holed beads as these can be combined within the braids or added as an embellishments on top.

Efcolor Paracord Band  Efcolor Paracord Band 2

Fiona Jones will be demonstrating how easy it is to create paracord braids with Efco cords and click buckles so we hope you can join us on Stand G25.

Polymer Clay Texture Mats from Efco

Efco have launched a range of 12 Texture Mats for use with polymer clays. They allow crafters to create amazingly intricate designs with ease.

Efco Texture Mats

To make professional looking pieces of jewellery crafters can use the Texture Mats in conjunction with Efco’s metal Jewellery Backings.

To see the full range of Texture Mat designs available see the News Spring 2015 Catalogue.

Vintage Design Papers

Efco now stock the Industrial, Vintage, Shabby Chic and Très Chic ranges of Design Papers.

These are available in double-sided 12 x 12 and A4 papers as well as punched shapes, including some pillow boxes in both Vintage and Shabby Chic styles.


To see the complete ranges see pages 39-43 of the Paper Catalogue.


oaki doki fabrics now available from Efco

You can now purchase oaki doki fabrics from Efco.
They are available as a random selection box of delightful patterns and are 100% cotton.

Efco oaki doki fabrics

The three options are: 75cm x 50cm (54 pieces); 3m x 20mm (196 pieces); 2m x 20mm (196 pieces).

See page N0.98 in the Spring 2015 Catalogue for further details.

Efco Metall Art

Metall Art is a great new addition to Efco’s range of jewellery crafts.


This craft has a lot a potential not just for jewellery makers but also scrapbookers looking to make their own unique metal embellishments. It would also work well with Efco’s Efcolor enamelling range.

To see the full range of Metall Art tools available check out the News Spring 2015 Catalogue (pgs. NO.99-100) or the updated Technical Hobbies Catalogue.


Stylish New Stencils

Efco have extended their range of stencils to include these four delightful two part girl stencils…


…and, amongst others, this simply gorgeous butterfly stencil…


Check out these and other stencils in the new Efco Paint catalogue.